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The midday sun reflected off the white opaline snow as we walked through the factory, causing the interior to glow with strong light and shadows. Although its modern architecture was stunning, it did not reflect the brand's historic roots. The spirit of Breitling Replica Watches was only rediscovered when we reached Grande Complication workshop. Rarely do you meet a watchmaker who has been with the same watch manufacturer for over 40 years. Christian Laurent, master watchmaker and inventor of Breitling Replica Watches, established the Grande Complications workshop in 1988. This was before the Les Manufactures Horlogeres SA company was created. Some of the most notable complications for the brand include the Reverso Minute Repeater (1994),Replica Breitling Watches the Duometre Spherotourbillon, and, perhaps most importantly, the Gyrotourbillon.

Laurent began immediately presenting Breitling Replica Watches's best high complications to us. This includes past Gyrotourbillons leading up to this year. Laurent says, "What we do is try to evolve each generation of Gyrotourbillon in order to improve precision." Laurent says that sometimes it is necessary to start from zero and create something completely new, rather than improve the small details. The orbital flying tourbillon hovers above, dominated by a blue sky dial with constellations and a month indicator. The case back shows the hammers striking crystal cathedral gongs in the Westminster Chime repeater complication.

Christian Laurent, Breitling Replica Watches Watchmaker

Laurent, who has spent almost fifty years of his life in watchmaking, shared that Breitling Replica Watches's approach to creating complications has not changed much since the 30th anniversary. "Presently, we had a lot of focus on perpetual calendars. We then pursued the Gyrotourbillon keeping the same ideas in mind as before. That, up to today, was to combine the culture of accuracy." Breitling Replica Watches, for instance, is one of few manufacturers that produces and assembles their own pallet fork. This regulates the escape wheel of a Swiss lever escapement. It is a tiny piece, consisting mainly of an anchor guard pins and levers. It is best to view the entire piece under a microscope. If you pick it up, it would be on the edge of your fingertip. It is a nightmare putting it together. First,omega replica watches the anchor's shape is stamped. Next, guard pins are made to position the anchor on the balance shaft. Finally, tiny pieces of rubies serve as levers that engage with the escape wheels. Shellac, a natural resin glue, is used to attach the rubies to the anchor. This is only one of 22 operations required to complete the fork. Breitling Replica Watches has been challenged by this handcrafted execution to face modern times using century-old Metiers d'Art methods. Laurent says, "I recognize the help digital technology has given to traditional watchmaking." The Gyrotourbillon 5 was developed using digital tools in less than six years. It would have taken 10 years otherwise. It's also helpful in watchmaking schools, where learning is easier. Once these young watchmakers come here, we can give them what they need, and they can begin working on complex complications much sooner."